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Swinging the Lead

The Antidote to Boy Bands

About Swinging the Lead  

The Cuckoo

Wild eyed singing and fiddling!

We've been described variously as a Folk Rock band, Country band, Folk group, Irish Band but essentially we are just four friends who enjoy creating music and making people smile when we play. If you don't feel better when we finish..... Well, what can I say?

The Musicians

Powered by Tea and Hobnobs

Ron Bradbury

Ron is our singer and guitarist. He hails from the North East with its rich musical heritage and grew up listening to bands like Lindisfarne. Ron loves country music as well as the old traditional folk songs. He says that he like both sorts of music, Country AND Western. He's a lovely man!  

David Henderson

David plays most fiddling styles and fuses them together to add to the unique sound of the band. He has played everything from traditional Irish music to Bluegrass and everything in between. (The Atlantic is what is in between, The Band!) Anyway, he sings occasionally so if he does, try not to laugh too much! He is a published author and his current book can be bought from Amazon by clicking on this link.

Will Vaughan

Will came to play with the band for the Gosport Beer and Music Festival in 2014. We hit it off with him immediately and so he joined permanently. He's an old codger like the rest of us, but he plays a real nasty guitar as well as mandolin and links seamlessly into what the band is trying to achieve. There's a fantastic dialogue going on musically between David and Will. Come along and listen.

Dave Stephens

Dave has now joined us playing bass. He is a luthier as well as an excellent musician and he also understands electronics! What an asset to musicians! Like the rest of us, he is a tea drinker par excellence and has biscuits as well!

What we Offer

We can play any MP3 or I-player through the PA in between sets or at the start of the evening. You can either get us to play our standard selection of numbers, or you can record your own playlist on to an MP3 player and we can then put that through the PA System. 

We are, of course, covered by Public Liability Insurance!

How far will we go?

We are available for bookings all over Hampshire and Wessex generally. Our travel limit is normally within an hour's travel from Portsmouth. Of course, we will travel further provided our responsible adults sign our passes to go out! (Remember, you can grow old but you don't have to grow up!) 

West Sussex, Dorset, Wiltshire, Surrey, Berkshire...Is there no limit to the counties that we can spell!

How much do we charge?

'Not enough' is the short answer!. Seriously, though, if you want to consider a booking for us, you will have a budget in mind so get in touch and discuss it with us. We will negotiate but you need to have a figure in mind and what you expect us to do for that sum. Normally we would expect to play two 45 minute sets for the fee that we quote you. If you want more than that, then please speak to us and we'll sort things out amicably!  

We are quite happy to come for expenses when we play for worthy causes! Senior citizens are among our favourite audiences as you may infer from our photographs! Just make sure that if you ask us to play for other old codgers, the staff are briefed to let us go home at the end of the gig!