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Swinging the Lead

The Antidote to Boy Bands

Come and join us at any gigs that are not private functions


10 August 2015

Afternoon gig for the Residents of Chalinor House in Chandler's Ford.

15 June 2015

Afternoon gig for the Residents of Chalinor House in Chandler's Ford.

23 May 2015

The Eagle, 67 Elmhurst Road, Gosport. Back again by popular request! Sky, the lovely landlady, has finally caved in to the demands of her demanding customers and so we are off again to this old Gosport hostelry. Do come and join us for yet another triumphant step on our way to the O2! (Actually, we are with Virgin!)

9 May 2015

This is the chance to celebrate the end of the election in Churchills Club in Eastleigh. So, as it's the Conservative Club, place your money now on whether we will be playing to a euphoric bunch of champagne drinkers or a miserable bunch of brown ale topers! Seriously though, Churchills is one of Eastleigh's premier entertainment venues and we are looking forward having a great time with a great bunch of people! Check out their website by clicking on this link 

14 March 2015

The Woodman, In Upham nr Bishop's Waltham. This is a new venue for us and we would like as many of you as possible to come along and support this CAMRA pub. If this doesn't attract the real beer drinkers, then what can I say. Emma is the new landlady and deserves all our help in getting this superb venue up and running to absolute perfection! Upham Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO32 1HA


27 September 2014

The Eagle, 67 Elmhurst Road, Gosport. The pub is holding a whole day of fundraising for the Macmillan Cancer Charity. Do drop by; there will be things happening all day long. We are going to play in the evening from around 2000 and we'll be finishing by 2230 so as not to upset the neighbours! So if you don't come, we will come and play the tin whistle and triangle outside your house all night long! 

Seriously, though, this is a great cause and we will love to see and hear you joining in on the night! for more details of the pub!

26 September 2014

A gentle evening in Lu Chinos in Gosport. This is a first meeting and we are helping Ann Hamilton to get a singing evening going in the middle of town. Come along if you can make 1930.

20 September 2014

The Fox and Hounds, 106 Pound Street, Bitterne, Southampton. SO18 6BP

Wondrous festival raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The festival is organised by the inspirational Granny Angie, founder member of the All-girl folk band "The Mother Folkers". 

This is in memory of a great 12 String Player, John "Vinnie" Vincent who died from Motor Neurone Disease 7 years ago. He was a top man and played all over UK and Europe. In the 1960s, he did a 12 hour marathon play and sing to raise money for someone with Cerebral Palsy to help them out!

 The line up of music includes: Ska, Punk, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Country and an Open Mike Jam Session. 

Swinging the Lead are from 9pm till 11pm, give or take a minute or two, depending on how many encores we get asked for!

24 August 2014

Moto Guzzi Club GB, Fordingbridge Sports Ground

You'll kick yourself if you miss this one. This is a weekend of fun and frolics for the Moto Guzzi Club GB.and is the venue for 500 to 600 motorcyclists.  

We are playing for the bikers on Sunday evening starting at 830 PM, and if you've never met bikers en masse, well you ain't lived, They'll make you welcome like you were never welcomed before. Check out the Club Website for more information. There is a charge for admission to the Marquee; this cash is going to the Air Ambulance Charity.

15 August 2014

Friday afternoon at Wickham Festival. Come and join us for a great blast at Hampshire's Premier Festival! 

 We had a blast at the South Coast's premier Festival. Lots of repartee with the Festival Goers and some cracking music to boot.

26 July 2014

A birthday party for two lovely ladies who are mother and daughter. So it's by invitation only! We are playing at the Explosion Museum in Priddy's Hard in Gosport, so it's just as well that Max has quit smoking!

Happy Birthday to Alison and Johanna!

26 July 2014

An afternoon at St Faith's Church, Lee on the Solent. Helping to raise funds for various charities sponsored by the church and the Lee business community. Do come along and have fun in the sun!

13 July 2014

Live again at the Bun Penny in Lee on Solent. This is an afternoon gig on a sure to be sunny day in July! Watch this space for more details! See you all there!

Great time had by all

5 July 2014

A Golden Wedding Party in the Community Centre in Stubbington. Invited Guests only, of course.  

5 July 2014

A delightful Beer Festival at the Bold Forester in Soberton Heath. We played there last year at their first festival. We must have done something right 'cos they have asked us back. We will be playing during the afternoon. Check out the pub website The Bold Forester for how to get there!

(Several members are taking advantage of low prices and no kids to take holidays in June! See you all in July!)

30 May 2014

Birthday Party at The Navigator's in Swanwick. Happy 50th to Adrian!

27 April 2014

The Vine in Gosport. Scummers and Skates! A fantastic charity gig celebrating the rivalry between Southampton and Portsmouth Football Clubs. This is out to raise money for charities dear to both clubs so turn up in droves and have a good time! We are on from around 7.30 pm onwards

15 April 2014

Four of us playing at Challoner House in Chandler's Ford for the Residents. Just for an hour, a lovely relaxed session.

12 April 2014

Gosport Beer and Music Festival at Bay house. A lovely day of drinking beers and tea! See you all next year too!

26 March 2014

Royal Artillery Officer's Mess in Larkhill. Members only!

19 March 2014

Playing at the Sergeant's Mess in Upavon, Wiltshire. Mess Members only so no visitors!

17 March 2014

This is a new venue for us, The Centurion Bar in Crookhorn Lane in Waterloovile. The lovely landlady is from Ireland and is determined to make her first St Patrick's night in her new pub a stonking good success. Turn up if you can make it and show her what a good time really means!

PS. There's food on and expect to get dragged on to the floor for some dancing!

16 March 2014

Back again at the Thorngate Hall. A nice afternoon gig so you can bring along the kids! We are playing from 3pm till 6pm so you can all get home for an early night!

15 March 2014

Celebrate St Patrick's Night in style at the Crofton pub in Hillhead. This is a ticketed event and includes a traditional; Irish Stew plus other goodies! Jenny is a lovely Irishwoman, so you can rest assured of a cracking supper. So phone the Crofton for a booking! 


12 December 2013

The Submarine Museum want to say thank you to a large number of ladies who have been knitting for charity. We have been asked to entertain them while they indulge in tea and cake. How could we refuse? This is an invitation only gig. 

4 December 2013

Wild West Winter Fest in the Sports Bar in HMS Sultan. With the Royal Navy involved, you can bet this will be a rattling good night. Admission to HMS Sultan is restricted so if you don't have access in your own right, you can always find a friend to drag you unwillingly along!

30 November 2013

The Imperial Standard in Aldershot. Once again, the intrepid crew are facing the rigours of Northern Hampshire to raise the spirits of the townsfolk. We have tried hard to explain to Dan, the Little Cabin Boy, that it is very unlikely that we will encounter Polar Bears or Eskimos. His enthusiasm was raised sky high when Max recited the Ballad of Eskimo Nell for his bed time story. So Lucie the Landlady, can you and your customers fulfil a little boy's dreams? 

10 November 2013

The Anchor in Redbridge. This is our first visit to this newly refurbished Grade 2 Listed boozer! Smudger and Julieann are having us over as their first foray into music in the pub. We will be playing between 4pm and 7pm. They say that they are a drinking pub with pub grub rather than a gastropub. However, on Sundays, they do a cracking Sunday Roast menu and we are looking forward to sampling it before we play! So if you can make it, do come along and help make the pub and the music a raging success!

24 October 2013

We are off to Aldershot for Pickle Night to help the Royal Navy celebrate the victory at Trafalgar. it will be a lovely evening but sadly for the rest of you, it's inside the wire so you can't come! We'll let you know how wonderfully it went!  

This was a wondrous fun filled event commemorating Nelson's victory and how HMS Pickle (always referred to as Little Pickle) got the news back to London in record time! Great traditions and, as befits Senior Rates in the Royal Navy, celebrated with total irreverence and much beer! If any of you ever get an invitation, turn it down at the peril of your immortal soul!

19 October 2013

999 DAY in West Street, Fareham, celebrates the work of the Emergency Services. Everything from Fire Engines to Firearms, Coastguard to Cop Cars, Bomb Disposal to Blood transfusion! It should be a great fun day out. We are playing from 10am till Noon and again from 2pm till 4pm. The Sensational Debbie C will be performing from noon until 2pm so do try to drop by! (You could get the chance to play on the fire engines and stuff; every kid's dream or what!!!) We had a nice day and avoided the rain! The emergency vehicles joined the music with their sirens. We didn't mind, but we wished wholeheartedly that the'd got it in the right key!

15 September 2013

Wild Harvest Festival at Grange Farm in Gosport. A veritable feast of jams, pickles and soups for you to try in one of Gosport's best kept secrets! It's going on from 1pm till 4pm on a Sunday so avoid the tedium of Sunday afternoon TV and come and join us. For Directions and more info, visit Gosport Council Another smashing afternoon, this time playing in a barn. Good turnout, including the Mayor and Mayoress, and lots of nice things said by the audience. Small children enjoyed themselves dancing and generally running around!

31 August 2013

Beer Festival at the Bold Forester in Soberton Heath. We are playing in the afternoon and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. For more about the pub, check the Bold Forester Website Our old friends, Shebeen, are playing in the evening so make a whole day of it! A lovely afternoon with a great selection of real ales and ciders! We are looking forward to a visit during the winter and a pub full of fun!

24 August 2013

On the Podium in West Street in Fareham! We'll be playing for the world and his wife and children in West Street. Yes, that's us busking! Our first time in Fareham so we'll be looking forward to seeing you any time during the afternoon.

17 August 2013

Gosport Real Ale and Music Festival. We are playing on Saturday Afternoon, For more info about the Festival, click on the link.  

15 June 2013

The Bun Penny in Lee on Solent. Family fun for Father's Day. A good time for Dad's everywhere!

8 June 2013

Cracking Night at the Wyvern in Lee on the Solent

17 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day at the Crofton Pub. Wow !! What a night !!

Jenny & Ian (The Landlord and Landlady) would like to thank all who came and enjoyed this evening with them. We would also like to thank 'Swinging the Lead' for the fabulous entertainment.

22 February 2013

Friday night at the Gosport Beer Festival. Always a good place to enjoy music, we are celebrating good ales and good cheer at the Thorngate Halls, in Bury Road.

16 February 2013

Wedding at Chilworth Manor Hotel

31 December 2012 to 1 January 2013

Come and enjoy New Year with the oldest swingers in town at the Crofton in Stubbington! Contact the pub for more details.

Fisherman's Blues

A Waterboys Classic STL Syle