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Swinging the Lead

The Antidote to Boy Bands

The Links on this page are to websites owned by the Good Guys who we know and who will be pleased to help you with information and products or services. Non-inclusion of a website just means that we haven't asked their permission to include their website yet.

Ax Shack Our bass player, Dave Stephens, is a luthier who specialises in guitars. He does excellent work and has done repairs and upgrades for other members of Swinging the Lead. Get in touch with him via his website and ask if you need any help! Even better, come along to one of our gigs and chat to him live!

SCOFF Southern Counties Folk Federation. These guys and gals have been supporting and coordinating for Folkie people and clubs for ever! You can get information about clubs and singers or bands very easily

Fiddle and Alternative Strings Forum. Excellent forum site with loads of information for fiddlers new and old. If you have a query about fiddle music or fiddling, this is the site where you will get an answer from very knowledgeable enthusiasts. It's run by Mark whose handle is Madfiddler. Says it all really!  

The Dugout Studios. This is a super little studio run by Geoff Webb. It's in Fort Fareham, one of the Palmerston Follies built to save Portsmouth and Gosport from the French. Never fired a shot in anger at any Frenchmen, but the studios are within the walls! You can be as loud as you like and nobody minds! Of course, Geoff recorded our demo disk and all the tunes on the website!  

The Violin Company Run by Dave Ingledew, an old friend from Hampshire and now resident in Derbyshire, the Violin Company deals online in Violins and accessories. Dave is an old folkie and a great composer of dance tunes as well as an accomplished performer on the squeeze box. Check his site out for great deals! He hires out instruments, as well, so you can start children off in good hands at a reasonable price.

TradConnect Terrific website for anyone who plays Irish music or is just interested in it. Run as a non-commercial activity by enthusiasts, you can get tips on playing, examples of playing and lots of names to look out for. We are members, of course!

Gig Guide This is a site where you can find lots of details of venues as well as bands. 

The Crofton Pub One of our favourite pubs and close to home! Great food, enthusiastic audience, and a warm welcome from Ian and Jennie even for reprobates like Swinging the Lead!

My Frosted Delight make splendid cakes and decorate them in imaginative themes focussed on the interests of the lucky recipient. So get in touch and see what Jenny Frost can do to make your party even more special!

Eventsense is a website that can supply other bands in the event that you would like another type of music! If we don't suit, then we are generous spirited enough to help you find one that does suit you!